Q.What is the iAM MUSIC Studio & VIBE LIKE?

A. The iAM MUSIC studio is the heart of our mission and the core/“home base” of our facilities. Walking into the modernized 2000 sq. ft. space, you see the artistic, urban aesthetic with a series of hand-painted motivational quotes such as “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart”. As you are welcomed in, most likely you will hear guitar scales, vocal warmups, or fiddle lines as the majority of our music coaches will be teaching simultaneously or in tandem throughout the space. 

The inviting start of our studio tour begins on the first floor with an intimate performance space called the “Indigo Room” complete with a small 10ft stage and indigo plush velvet curtains perfect to host small concerts as well as student performances. Two additional private studio spaces for ongoing instruction are located on this floor. Acoustic sound panels line all the walls, which are covered in the past performance posters of our music coaches’ and founders’ bands, as well as our library of “free instruments rentals” such as guitars, basses, and violins. Upstairs in the loft, you will see the welcoming band-ready 800 sqft rehearsal space complete with multiple drum kits, bass rigs, keyboards, pianos and another lending library of acoustic and electric instruments. The overall impression we want to communicate is an encouraging, warm, diverse, and open play place for creativity and professional development. We want our artists and students to feel that the space is sacred, respected, and inspiring in their journey from rehearsal to performance ready. This attitude translates directly into our classroom spaces in each school facility. Our iAM MUSIC spaces are designed to inspire any age and any level as it is a hip, community-minded organization.


Q. IS IAM MUSIC For Kids? Adults?

A. iAM MUSIC is an open community and has multiple platforms and programs for all ages and skill levels. It is safe to say we do not teach students under the age of 5. The main core of our youth programs are aimed at middle school, high school and college students. We also cater to the 21+ community with a series of in-studio lessons, songwriting and band coaching, music business and marketing mentorship, and individual recording projects. We also host performance opportunities and events.


Our core objective is focusing on artist development with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship and collaboration. We want to help tone the skills of the individual or project and build out a platform for success within that artist. Our pedagogy includes independence and self-empowerment, using music as a catalyst for career training using authentic composition and musical literacy as a starting point. We also are ambassadors of the “new” music industry movement at various middle schools, high schools and alternative facilities with at-no-cost-to-student programming, free instrument rentals and band songwriting and business coaching. Students can have real access to booking, touring, and being self-sufficient. Outside of music education, iAM MUSIC is interested in stimulating and supporting the creative artist economy, so you will feel the iAM MUSIC culture within the events we host - which tend to be supported not only through live music and local businesses, but additional collaborative mediums including dance, circus, poetry, comedy, and a slough of vibrant, non-traditional performance venues and artists. We want to stay current and relevant within the national and international community.


A. Please advise your instructor(s) about cancellations 24 hours in advance to avoid full charge of lesson fee. If students are sick, we will try to reschedule the appointment at no charge. After multiple or consecutive sick cancellations, the instructor will have the option to respectfully evaluate the student’s commitment level and choose to forfeit future lessons.


Q. Do you offer scholarships?

A. iAM MUSIC have scholarship applications available to all current and potential students both online or in the studio. Students are awarded partial and/or full scholarships based on financial need and merit, based on funding and availability.


Q. How does my student get involved with your outreach programming?

A. Outreach programming is open enrollment at all of our partnering schools and facilities. Students will sign up for the class and/or classes through the school directly. Please contact our Program Director for a complete list of current partners and offerings. 

Q. How do I know what instrument or program is right for myself or my child?

A. Please contact our Program Director for a consultation.

Q. How do i get involved in iAM MUSIC?

A. We have a full range of youth and adult programming, lessons, classes, events, as well as volunteer and committee positions depending on your interest. If you do not see something that suits your interest, please contact us and we will see what we can do to create a custom program to help you pursue your project.

Q. I am a musician, how do I perform at iam music events?

A. We have a small, intimate performance space that hosts regular events within our studio with a 50-60 person capacity. The space is available for rentals. To be considered for booking at our events, please contact our Executive Director and advise what event you would like to perform.

Q. i would like to offer a workshop or class, who should i contact?

A. Please contact our Executive Director to inquire about one-time workshop or class. If you are interested in applying for a full-time position, please contact our Program Director.